Aerosol Recycling System

AllSource Environmental’s Aerosol System

AllSource Environmental’s aerosol system provides a complete recycling solution with zero emissions and is completely landfill free. Through our process, we provide reusable liquid fuel alternatives and recyclable metals.

AllSource Environmental’s aerosol recycling system recovers recyclable metals, plastic, and liquid fuels from the spray cans for fuel blending energy. Our system autogenerates nitrogen gas which is injected into the shredding chamber. This now acts as an anti-explosive chamber, eliminating any risks of ignition as well as protecting our workers and the environment. The shredding de-packing compartment separates and removes both the propellant and liquid. The liquid components are accumulated in a separate holding tank, bulked and shipped out. The propellant is vacuumed into a carbon bed tank where all the VOCs are collected and filtered. A dual LEL monitoring system ensures no harmful emissions are immitted into the air. Once the carbon is saturated, it is shipped out, reactivated, and returned to be utilized as a filter again.

aerosol spray cans
closed loop aerosol recycling plant

Aerosol Recycling Technology process:

  1. Aerosol cans are placed in a hopper and transferred into an airtight inert vessel.
  2. The metal cans are shredded and crushed and placed in a bin for metal recycling.
  3. The liquid contents are collected and sent out to produce alternative reusable fuels.
  4. Gas vapors in the chamber are vacuumed out and collected in a dual carbon bed, emitting zero VOCs. When the carbon is saturated, it is recycled and used again.

What sets our Aerosol Recycling Technology apart from the rest?

AllSource Environmental’s team turns discarded aerosol waste into new, compatible end-products that will recirculate into the market for a broad array of reuse to safely fuel the future.

Free Consultation

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