Metal Refining

AllSource's Metal Refining

AllSource Environmental’s purpose is to serve our customers, both large and small, by understanding their needs and helping them achieve the best recoveries of their non-ferrous and precious metals. With our vast network of reclamation experts, we are fortunate to be able to provide our customers with fast and fair payment for their scrap and other precious metal-bearing material.

Metal Refining

With our fast and fair business model, we have earned the trust of large and small businesses alike as well as individuals who sell dental scrap, karat gold scrap, and catalysts. AllSource does this by providing our customers them faster and in most cases, greater payouts than our competitors. AllSource Environmental is at the forefront of the ever-changing industry of metal refining and is constantly looking at new technologies and their by-products as potential new sources of precious metal scrap.

It’s this model which enables our customers to turn scrap that might otherwise have been thrown away into profit. Educating and serving our customers by increasing their cash flow and improving their bottom line will always be our number one priority.

We handle catalysts, karat gold, dental alloys, gold-filled items, plated items, mining slag, activated charcoal, electronics, and much more. Please contact us with any questions regarding your material recovery and metal refining needs.

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Please allow one of our specialists to provide your company with a free onsite consultation. We will assess your current situation and provide you with a thorough cost saving report that will explain every step of the process.