Cannabis and Hemp Waste Disposal Services

Cannabis & Hemp Waste Disposal Services

A strategic plan is crucial for the effective disposal of cannabis and hemp waste. This involves identifying and separating different types of waste produced during cultivation, processing, and distribution. Partnering with certified waste disposal services and adhering to waste-specific rules are essential steps. Continuous improvements in these areas are key to promoting sustainability in the management of cannabis and hemp waste.

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Varieties of Cannabis & Hemp Waste

How to Store and Dispose of Cannabis or Hemp Waste

It is important to remember to wear gloves and eye protection when handling any type of waste materials or fluids

Tips to Store and Dispose of Cannabis or Hemp Waste 

Here are some tips and steps for the storage and disposal of various cannabis waste:

It is your responsibility to research and understand federal, state, and local regulations governing the storage and disposal of cannabis and hemp waste. Regulations can vary widely depending on location and the type of waste. If the waste contains hazardous materials such as solvents or chemicals, ensure proper disposal according to hazardous waste regulations. 

Additionally, businesses that recognize the importance of integrating sound environmental programs and practices into their overall management plan and procedures tend to be more successful in the long term.

Cannabis & Hemp Waste Disposal Services FAQs

Cannabis waste could be classified as hazardous if it falls under federal regulations or displays any of the four hazardous waste traits: ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity.

Adding to the complexity, CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant, known colloquially as “pot” or “weed.” While a significant portion of the plant is CBD, an equal portion is THC. Careless extraction of CBD from cannabis may inadvertently result in THC contamination. THC is still illegal or tightly regulated in 39 states.

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AllSource recognizes the importance of a company’s environmental consciousness and is here to help you in various ways! We are experts in the disposal of cannabis or hemp waste and offer comprehensive waste disposal services under regulation.

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